You Are Not Alone

At least once a day I receive a call to see how we can expedite the process:

  1. Get a judge to sign writ(s) faster,
  2. Get the sheriff/marshall to perform more evictions, or
  3. Move their tenant up in the queue because they owe a lot of money.

The answer to all three is unfortunately, no. Judges are busy doing all their courtly duties and just one of them is signing writs to be executed for eviction. The Courts and Sheriff/Marshalls offices appear to be making changes and attempting to adapt to the post-covid reality that filings and evictions are still going to occur. We understand that truth of the situation is that people have taken advantage of the backlog in the county’s system and evictions are costing the communities more due to the duration the tenants stays after filing.

Just know you are not alone. Your filing firm and other entities are working hard to assist counties and legislators in creating a more efficient eviction processes.