Code Enforcement

In some counties there are additional measures one can take to motivate a tenant to vacate the premises. These actions are to be used in dire circumstances only.

If there have been numerous complaints about a tenant for illegal activity or the tenant is living in inhabitable conditions, it may be advantageous to call your County Code Enforcement Office.

Standard complaints range from noise violations to abandoned vehicles to grass height. The more complaints that exist for a tenant, the more times a Code Enforcement Officer or Police Officer will be visiting your location.  Even if they have called Code Enforcement on you because you did not fix a broken window or a reported lighting complaint, the Officer must come to your location to determine if the issue is adversely affecting your property. Then the Officer must contact you and the tenant to schedule an appointment to conduct the inspection. They may see that tenant is obtaining their electricity by running an extension cord to a community outlet or possibly other illegal activity. Let them help you maintain the level of tenants you desire in your communities.