Renters Reference Services has created a streamlined end-to-end process for filing and tracking the eviction process from start to finish. Our filing software was developed to create failsafe procedures and a user-friendly environment for property management companies to get a better ROI (Return On Investment) and increase their NOI (Net Operating Income).


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It’s easy to get started with RSS!

1. Create An Account

If you don’t have an account with us it’s free and only takes a moment to get set up

2. Gather Information

Have all of your delinquency information ready to file after you get logged in

3. Submit Filing

Confirm all of your data is correct and submit your eviction filing

4. Monitor Process

There’s only a little input needed from you after this point so be sure to check back in

Why RRS?

Expedited Filing

Allows you to get faster service for your evictions

Case Tracking

Always have insight on where you are in the process

Online Writ Request

Go from filing to execution through our online platform

Portfolio Reports

Know your delinquency across your management portfolio

Secure Processing

24 hour filing and barcode technology means you will never miss a filing

Experienced Staff

Our team has the most extensive history in filing evictions

Clients Say

We know that we are good at what we do but don’t take our word for it. Here are a few testimonies from our valued clients.

Our Team has worked with Renters Reference for all of our eviction needs for years now and they are absolutely WONDERFUL! We would not know what to do without them! Their whole team are awesome at handling everything for us with efficiency and professionalism and answering any questions we have along the way. We would highly recommend them to all property management companies!
Lesley Crider

The communication, the staff is just incredible. They make my job easier. If you are not using renters reference services my question is why are you not?
Lala Freeman arm®, cam®

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