We are integrated with Yardi! 

If you are using Yardi for your property management solution, you will love the Yardi Integration feature now available through Nationwide Eviction, our eviction software partner! You can now file evictions with us directly through your Yardi account.

As our continued effort to make evictions and collection management simple, efficient and fast for our customers, we are pleased to announce our most recent integration with Yardi property management software. The Yardi Integration provides a two-way sync of your eviction case data, saving you time and increasing consistency across your eviction management efforts. Duplicate entry, multiple uploads and downloads are now a thing of the past. And best of all, we do not charge customers for taking advantage of this integration.

Additionally, we offer training and ongoing support at no additional cost.

With the click of a button, our Yardi integration allows you to:

 File an eviction directly from within Yardi

  • Synchronize Yardi tenant data with data in your Nationwide Eviction account
  • Include attachments from Yardi with a new or existing filed case
  • Use the complete integration module at NO additional cost

 It is easy to get started!

yardi register





Both Yardi Online and Windows Desktop versions are supported. Integrated option available to user of Yardi Voyager 6008, Interfaces Plugin v17.1 with Collections Plugin v1, The Voyager 7S, Interfaces Plugin v2 with Collections PIv1 or higher