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Renters Reference Services of Georgia is based out of Atlanta and is the region’s #1 company for providing Columbus, GA apartment communities with fast, dependable dispossessory and eviction filing services. We pride ourselves with excellent customer service, timely filings, and faster evictions. Period.

 For over 35 years, we have served the multi-family industry and are proud members of several apartment associations, including AAA, GAA, and NAA. Respected in the industry, we have established a broad base of satisfied customers of all sizes.

Our Mission

Renters Reference Services is dedicated to offering dispossessory and eviction processing services to apartment communities, property managers, and owners across Columbus. We strive to perform the delicate process of evictions with care and professionalism. Immediate response time, open communication lines, consistent service, and faster evictions are what you can expect from RRS. We have been providing personal, efficient and prompt service to our clients since 1976 and we plan on providing that same great service for many years to come. We are the Columbus eviction specialists.

Our Associations

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Full-Service Dispossessory and Eviction Filing Services

If you need to evict someone in Columbus, GA, then choose the best. Our primary goal is to make the tedious task of filing easier and less time consuming for our clients.
 Renters Reference Services has created a streamlined process for filing and tracking dispossessory warrants from start to finish. Our filing software was developed to create failsafe procedures and a user-friendly environment for our clients. Simply file your warrant online, and we will do the rest.


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Why Use RRS?


Easy Online Filing System


Barcoded Warrant Technology for Faster Processing


Expedited Filing for Faster Service


Dispos Filed Within 24 Hours


Online Case Tracking


Emailed status updates


Request Writs Online


Faster Evictions


Regional Manager Portfolio Reports


Staff’s Unparalleled Expertise, Experience & Personal Service


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Main: 770-458-0729 -or- 800-274-9770 (toll free)

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